About Dr. Agrodnia

Dr. Marta Agrodnia is a board certified veterinary surgeon with 14 years of veterinary experience. Being board certified means that in addition to four years of veterinary medical school, she completed four additional years of training in surgery.

Dr. Agrodnia graduated from the University of Illinois in 1997, completed an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, performed two years of emergency surgical and medical practice prior to her surgical residency program at Michigan State University, and became Board Certified her first year eligible in 2004.

Dr. Agrodnia lives in Maine with her husband, four children, cats and dogs where she has provided orthopedic, neurosurgical, and soft tissue surgical expertise since 2007. Her commitment to every patient starts with an initial discussion with the referring veterinarian, thorough physical exam and owner consultation, excellent surgical practice, and complete recovery care. Every question and concern should be addressed prior to surgery being performed. Every owner should feel they are well cared for prior to, during, and after surgery until the recovery is complete.